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About our

Farsk Health started because of a desire to create a revolutionary line of products that provide consumers and medical practitioners with innovative alternatives to unaddressed health concerns.

About our IV Drips

IV Drip treatments provide the body with the essential vitamins and minerals it requires by injecting the solution directly into the bloodstream. This facilitates a very high absorption rate and, because it is fast-acting, it delivers efficient results immediately after finishing the treatment.

Our IV drips were created by Bill Perks and our industry leading pharmaceutical team, who bring decades of medical knowledge of admixtures and clinical experience in their field. They have formulated a range of vastly unrivalled solutions than what's currently available on the market.

About our Oral Supplements

Our line of oral supplements features high quality powerful nutraceutical and medical active ingredients to provide the body with an advantage to upgrade to a better version of itself. 

Each supplement has been created with the maximum dosage to optimize the body’s ability to take on specific areas of improvement and accompany daily healthy habits in order to enhance performance results.

The Team

Dominika Synowiec - Farsk Health
Dominika Synowiec
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Verinder Singh Malhotra
Carolyn Khan
Chief Operating Officer
Chief FINANCIAL Officer
Marco Antonio
Chief Marketing Officer
MINA Pinedo
Chief of
Medical Training
Chief Business
Development Officer
Bill Perks
Chief Scientific Officer
Chief Formulation Officer

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