Since happiness is a bit of an abstract concept and depends on an array of variables, we want to keep this one more practical.

Let’s talk about endorphins. They consist of a large group of peptides produced by the nervous system. The act on the opiate receptors of our brain to reduce pain and trigger a feeling of pleasure.

One of the most popular ways known to release endorphins is working out or doing something active, but you can also experience their effects when you do something creative, dance, gather with your friends, laugh and have sex.

So, whenever it feels like the wave of happiness is retracting and you need a little boost, get your body to give you some endorphins!

Unwinding Matters

Getting stuff done is important -very important! But knowing when to call it quits for the day and taking time for yourself is just as important because it helps us disconnect from stress and calm our mind.

In another blog post we talked about the importance of breathing and the potential benefits of incorporating mindfulness techniques to our daily routines.

Besides breathing, other mindfulness practices that help relaxation are meditation and yoga. But unwinding doesn’t necessarily mean relaxing, so you might find that disconnecting from work comes in the form of activities that release endorphins instead.

Other forms to unwind include having a bath, listening to music, or even cooking, if that’s something you enjoy! Ultimately, it’s up to you how you decide to unwind after a long day -but make sure you do it!

Is Your Battery Low?

Have you ever snoozed that first low battery alarm at 20% because you know there’s a 10% alarm coming and the charger is just not within arms’ reach?

Even though your phone won’t die at 20%, or even at 10%, if anything unexpected were to happen -like your ride taking longer, or a long call- then you could be putting yourself in a worrisome position.

Well, similarly with our body’s own energy. If you’re feeling worn out, more tired than usual or even just moody, it might be time to recharge your energy!

To boost your energy, you can try eating a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, and low in glycemic index, so they absorb slowly; go for a walk outside, control stress (see previous post), optimize your sleep, drink enough water, and limit as much as possible alcohol and tobacco.