Our Ethical Stand

From the very inception of our company, we knew we wanted to make a stand when it came to ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. The following three areas are only the starting point.


We stand strongly against animal testing -we don’t test our products on animals, and we don’t ask any parties to do it on our behalf.
Animal testing is an incredible cruel practice very common in the pharmaceutical industry, amongst other ones.
We started our formulas from extensive research, making sure our ingredients are safe and efficient; then we manufactured our products with only premium ingredients; and finally, we chose to test out products clinically, by observing their effects on patients and evaluating their results and side effects, if any.


We wanted to create a line of products that was respectful to everyone -including the animals and our environment.
There are no animal-derived ingredients in any of our formulations because of this. Choosing to stay away from animal ingredients is also a way to be more environmentally conscious, since animal farming is a top contaminant of our planet, and its by-products only exist because it exists.
Also, this way our offering is inclusive to as many people as possible, like those with a dairy allergies or intolerance.

Farsk Change

We prioritize ethics above everything. We ensure that every entity that is involved with our organization is part of the Farsk Change for the better, which means we hold our partners and suppliers to the same quality and ethical standards we maintain for our products and our company.
The health of our planet also matters to us, which is why we provide sustainable products that have minimal environmental footprint, and we are donating 10% of our profits to environmental causes.