Proud To Be Us

From coast to coast, Farsk products are available anywhere you go!

We are pleased to serve our diverse nation and for this purpose, we are lucky to have partnered with dedicated and talented professionals across Canada. You can already find us in major cities in the country and we are expanding as far as we can reach

Farsk Headquaters

Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Toronto, Ontario, the most populated city in the country -almost by twice as much as the next one!

Toronto is also a city known for its multiculturalism and there’s absolutely nothing you can’t find here! From food to religious beliefs, Toronto -or “Trunno”, as the locals say- is diversity at its finest!

Small and Female

Canadian economy is largely propelled by small businesses. In fact, “largely” in this case means close to entirely, at almost 98%. Not surprisingly, about 36% of these are in Ontario, and most of them focus on retail, construction, and professional services.

However, only 30% of businesses are led by women. We are proud to be a small business founded by a woman.

Proudly Canadian

We are also proudly Canadian and there’s a lot to be proud of as Canadians. Tradition, innovation, freedom, enterprise, hard work, fair play, and diversity are some of our core values.

An estimated 22% of the population of this rich nation are immigrants that came here looking for a better future, driven precisely by those values. We are proud to be an immigrant-owned small business.

Pharma in the World

The largest pharmaceutical manufacturing exporters are Germany, Switzerland and the United States. The biggest consumption comes from Europe, the US, and Japan. The main areas are oncology, diabetes, asthma and coronary disease.

As for nutraceuticals, Asia is the fastest growing market, with China also leading in production, offering lower prices. Consumption of nutraceuticals also comes largely from Asia and then North America.

Pharma in Canada

Pharmaceutical rules in Canada are some of the most strict you can find in the industry. Canada is the 10th largest world market, with pharmaceutical sales totalling two percent share of the global market.

We truly appreciate our safety, efficiency, and ethical standards. We are proud to be a small business making products right here in Canada.