Wellness Reminder

This might sound silly, but everything we value requires work, and even constant reminders -and health is not an exception.

Sometimes we take health for granted, but think about this: we live in the same body for our entire lives! If we don’t take care of it from a young age, it will start decaying at an accelerated rate. ⁠Maintaining healthy habits, like eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, exercising, practicing mindfulness, and sleeping enough is fundamental. ⁠

On top of this, we can incorporate the right supplements and really work on optimizing our health for our today and our tomorrow.

Breathing Matters

Sounds silly, but the way we breathe has a huge impact on our health and wellbeing.

Breathing techniques are known to help with stress, which is far more damaging than we realize, including jeopardizing our immune system, making us susceptible to infections. ⁠

Just like our response to stress is usually manifested as increased heart rate, our counteraction is to evoke the relaxation response through mindfulness practices such as breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga. ⁠

A popular technique is the 3-2-4: inhale for 3 seconds, hold it for 2, and exhale for 4. Give it a try right now to experience it.

Health is Wealth

Another silly thought? But what is wealth without health? In a way, that makes health our most important form of wealth! ⁠

Health is a complex concept that can be applied to our emotional, mental, social, and physical condition. ⁠

Interestingly, one form of health tends to influence all the others -both for good and for bad.

We can consider “health” as a state free of suffering, illness or pain, but that would be the bare minimum. ⁠

In order to achieve optimized health, we should also consider managing risk factors, stress, and our own particular feelings of wellbeing, connectedness, achievement and joy.