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This supplement helps improve the quality of sleep, which is an essential homeostatic process with well-established effects on an individual’s physiological, cognitive, and behavioural functionality.
Sleep deprived people appear less healthy, less attractive, and more tired as compared to well rested individuals. Farsk Sleep contains seven botanicals that assist with stress, anxiety and debilitating sleep issues.
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How To Use
Stay strong and protected with just one pill a day.
Additional Information
Always consult a physician or naturopath before taking supplements.
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Helps with nervousness by relaxing muscles, improving circulation and promoting natural sleep habits. It also acts as a mild sedative helping to stabilize mood and promote healthy sleep.


Assists in the reduction of conditions of anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia. It also helps relieve nervousness and support normal sleep.


Contributes to relaxation during periods of anxiety and supports and calms the nervous system, combating difficulty in falling asleep. It also helps with tenseness, restlessness, irritability and nervousness.


Ilktree Flower, Arborvitae Seed, Fleece Flower Stem, and Jujube Fruit.

Made & Designed
in Ontario
100% Vegan
Produced in a GMP
Certified Facility


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What are oral supplements?
Oral supplements are usually a pill, tablet or capsule taken orally to provide the body with nutrients it is lacking. Oral supplementation is meant to enhance results in conjunction with daily healthy habits.
What supplements does Farsk Health offer?
For now, we offer the following supplements: Immune Booster, Sleep, Beauty Restock, and Weight Loss.
How many Farsk Health supplements should I take?
One pill a day. All our supplements come with 31 pills, so we got you covered every day or every month.
Are Farsk Health supplements safe?
All supplements are manufactured using the highest quality ingredients, in a GMP certified facility in Canada.

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“I had been feeling very tired lately and this treatment gave me so much energy and I’m feeling very hydrated.”
Bella R, London
Average rating of 4.75/5 on Trustpilot

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